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November 25, 2011
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Clockhearts: Luther Axus by astroaxus Clockhearts: Luther Axus by astroaxus
Thanks so much to the AWESOME *yueru For the uniform design EEEEE <333

For :iconclockhearts: which belongs to :icontooaya:

:iconlutheraxusplz::iconsaysplz:Ah, why I didn't notice you there! Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you.


Name: Earl Luther Axus

Age: 19

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 149 lbs

Gender: Male

Faction: Heart

Role: Earl of Luminescence

Magic/Ability/Talent: Good sense of direction, and good coordination of the body. He knows the locations of secret passageways, roads, and paths, as he frequently travels to other towns. However, he often becomes easily distracted and ends up losing his balance and tripping over everything.

Weapon: A SWORD. I'll make this sound fancier later LAUGHS


- Reading any sort of book, switching regularly between text heavy books and ones filled with images and illustrations.

- He just really likes people. He loves listening to voices and watching someone intently when they talk to him to capture their various emotions and movements in his mind.

- Becomes very distressed when faced with rude behavior.

- Loves objects that can encase light. He collects all sorts of lamps, lanterns, miniature figures of different types of lamp posts. And of course, his custom made sword has a working lamp post at its base. He loves seeing shapes formed from lights. Ex: Cut out star shapes in paper, shine a light behind it to get star shaped lights along the walls.

- Loves to travel to other places. Though life in the palace is fine, he likes to sneak out and take trips into other cities. He'll try to dress more normally when exploring so that he doesn't stand out, but it still ends up looking pretty flashy.


- Gentle demeanor, smiles and laughs easily, but they're usually small smiles and gentle laughs or chuckles. Soft spoken. He hardly ever raises his voice unless extremely provoked.

- He doesn't have very much stamina at all. Collapses after doing something strenuous for a short amount of time.

- He finds almost everything pretty amusing, so he often tries to stifle his laughter to uphold a proper and gentlemanly visage. It doesn't really work though. He likes to give compliments where he thinks they're due, even if it's rather forward.

- Speaks very properly and formally. It's hard for him to call people by nick names or pet names. But for some reason, he's rather particular about having people just call him by his first name, rather than a title.

- He'll be happy to help anyone out. Figuratively and literally, he'll go out of his way to “light the way” for others. He gets very easily distracted from his actual duties at the castle since he is always either helping others, or looking for new lights to collect.You probably see him outside of the castle grounds more than in.

- Extremely innocent and naive. He blushes over anything remotely related to indecency or sexual things.

- Knows enough in sword fighting to protect himself. Did not practice extensively to learn how to fight offensively.

- Sometimes though, if you push the right buttons, he can act like a complete spoiled brat...When he's annoyed he makes sure he doesn't show it, but he'll probably let it all out to his servants when he gets back to his home.


Luther grew up in the faction of Hearts, living predominantly with his two household servants, Mari and Liam, throughout his life. He lived, and still lives, in an extravagantly designed, decorated, and furnished home most likely bequeathed upon him from his parents. He has only vague shadows of memories of his parents, though they seem to leave him with pleasant sensations and emotions. He does not feel a sense of loss from his lack of parents in the least, as his two servants dote on him and adore him immensely, always spoil him however they can and love him with all of their hearts. He embraces them as his family members, and would be lost without them. His family bears the emblem of a blue butterfly, alternatively golden when embroidering clothing.

He often spent his time reading a book and curling up in some hidden place in his vast home, laughing when his servants panicked looking for him, and giving them reassuring smiles when they would find him. He liked to have them read stories to him to see how Mari and Liam would illuminate the stories with exaggerated movements and voices for each character, especially delighted when stories were accompanied with intricate illustrations.

One day as he was exploring his home, he discovered a hidden room behind a book shelf deep within the library. There, he found baby toys and clothes, with a wondrous and childlike sky painted across the room. When he switched on the lights, tiny lights embedded into the design on the wall twinkled, hanging lights glowed a wide spectrum of colors, glowing stars were stuck to the ceiling, and a splendorous mobile rotated slowly in the middle of the room. He walked toward it slowly, watching as the paper lamp with shapes cut out of it shined the various shapes onto the wall. A precious remnant of his interaction with his parents remained in the house. From then on he developed a keen interest in every sort of light, all shapes, sizes, and degree of luminosity.

Nowadays, he's been given the job of keeping vital areas around the Castle of Hearts well lit. He also spends some time wandering around the castle grounds to search for people who may be in need of assistance for anything else. He loves to sneak out of his home to explore the world outside of the Hearts faction due to a certain infamous mafioso, but that's a story for another time...

Additional Information:

- His two servants often become extremely depressed whenever he says that he does not need their help, no matter how trivial the offer. Luther probably gained his similar trait from them...

- They understand his desires very well, even if he is stubborn or unwilling to express them.
He's extremely protective of Liam and Mari, and watches over them secretly at times.

- He dislikes being called “girly” or “effeminate”. He may pride himself in his long hair, but he does NOT want to be caught with his hair wet or flattened, because then he looks too much like a woman.

- If not his sword, he always carries some sort of light source on him.

- His lip ring chain attaches to a blue/golden butterfly earring, often concealed by his hair.

- He seems to have a habit of tilting his head to the side when smiling or thinking or probably during everything.

- You might not want to wake him up while he's sleeping...

- Has a white horse named Vaughn

- Fun fact: I actually gave him the last name Axus before coming up with my account name LAUGHS so I wasn't trying to do a weird self insert when I threw this character up here :icongtthplz:

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